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Your friends & teammates time? Ah, There!


Available for macOS, other platforms soon!

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As a remote engineer and open sourcer, It was super hard to keep track of my friends timezones. I want to share my practical solution w/ you too!

Mo Rajabi - Maker of There™

People first design

City, country, timezone comes after the people

Synced Location!

Even if one moves, you see their updated time

Built for efficiency

Every piece of UI is placed w/ user in mind

Noor Features


Message once and reach every relevant conversation.

Focus Mode

Notifications that don't disrupt your flow.

Real Time Collaboration

Seamless voice, screen sharing and presence.

Shared Notes (tasks)

Shared task management to stay in sync.

Cross Platform

Available on Mac, IOS and web

Offline Support

Access your chats even without an internet connection.

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